74890_103457809726199_5479686_nWhen we think of the perfect cottage or getaway home, a log cabin frequently comes to mind. They represent to us rustic warmth, a sense of nostalgia, and a feeling that is authentically in touch with nature. Solid pine walls are excellent retainers of heat, meaning they are among the coziest home solution. They absorb the heat inside the home and radiates some of that same heat back into the home, doing to same with cool air during the summer months. These types of homes are masters of protecting you from different types of extreme weather, making them perfect for the outdoor elements of cottage country and wide open spaces.


Our Log Home Kits provide you with the opportunity to build a log cabin without the high amount of waste typically produced from these types of builds. With rounded, individually numbered logs for easy, do-it-yourself assembly, these kits are also completely customizable so you’ll be able to decide exactly what your Log Cabin Home will look like.

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