the-homestead-paintedWith the current housing market plagued by rapidly increasing prices and smaller sizes, it’s easy to see how Prefab housing could provide a comparably affordable

housing option for home buyers, particularly first-time buyers. Likely drawn not only to the price, would-be homeowners are drawn to the idea of having a custom built space they’ll be able to call their own. Overcrowded city centres are pushing more and more buyers into the suburbs, as they clamour for more space and a feeling of “home.” Average house prices have more than doubled over the last 15 years, and continues to climb gradually as the economy continues to go through changes. In large cities, homes tend to average a price of over $500,000; which reflects the fact that a purchaser is pay higher prices more for the location than the structure as many of these homes don’t have much in the way of extra land and certainly no opportunity for customization.

With prices steadily increasing on new homes, the price of custom built homes has grown exponentially as well; to the point that it’s completely inaccessible to a large subset of people. By choosing high quality products like our Premium Timber structures, it opens the possibilities for home buyers to purchase a home for a fraction of the price of a traditional home.  With faster turnaround time of just a few months instead of a year, and virtually waste-free construction; this smaller ecological footprint also makes it a better choice for those who are environmentally conscious. While our Premium Timber structures are out go-to choice for residential building, using SIP panel buildings, log cabin kits or even an arch steel building can give you a unique home that can be customized in any number of ways.

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