Prefab Building Kits are perfect for making stand-alone structures that fit all of your needs. Cottages, homes, work sheds and other spaces can be accomplished in shorter times, using less waste and with less pressure on your wallet.

But what if you have the home of your dreams already and could use a bit more square footage on the same property? Adding extra space to your home is a great way to add value, function and flow. Sometimes, it’s not feasible to rearrange or repurpose the existing space in your home for an extra bedroom or a home office, so building in more room using a custom prefab kit is a great solution. 

For example, using a custom variation of the Bunk House kit to add just a few square feet of extra space can make the world of difference and is just enough for an extra master suite, guest room or workspace.

To get exactly what you’re looking for, all custom designs and variations to standard kits are available upon request.


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