valhalla-painted1Building a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, requiring tons of research. So it’s to be expected that perspective buyers weigh out the potential pros and cons to help them make such an important decision. There are a few common concerns that come up with prefabricated housing that are easily dispelled when you dig a little bit deeper.

Wait Time: For buyers who don’t understand the process of prefab building, they may worry about the time it will take to build their home. Keep in mind, the wait time for a prefab home to be built is much shorter than a traditionally built home, typically around 3 months vs. 9 months to a year for more traditional methods.

Land: While traditional homes are usually built in subdivisions, most of these areas don’t allow for the construction of prefabricated homes. The buyer must then independently find land they’re able to build on and it’s possible to pay upwards of $100,000. Conversely, owning a space of land chosen allows you the freedom of building your home where you want, instead of purchasing one offered in a specified subdivision. Consider the freedom

Initial Cost: When building a prefab home, the builder must be paid in full before the work can be finished. Whether through savings, a home renovation loan or line of credit, it’s more than possible to do this. It’s also possible to get a construction loan through the prefab home dealer that will cover up to a year of work. After construction, the dealer pays off the loan and a mortgage is issued to you.

It’s important to discuss your plans, goals and budget with a knowledgeable prefab dealer that can help you get the home you want. Contact Us or call us at 1-877-414-7798 for more information