Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.03.28 PMWhile our Arch Steel Building kits are cost effective, completely customizable, and save on building time with their simple DIY bolted construction, there are also a few benefits that make it an environmentally friendly method as well. Go easy on the earth and your wallet & find out why Steel Buildings are the eco-friendly building choice.

Virtually waste-free construction

Like any prefab kit, all of the parts of your structure come ready for you to put together with a small team. There’s nothing to cut, shave or shorten to create any waste to get rid of.


This not only makes the construction a lot easier, but the lighter weight means less fuel is used to transport the materials to your build site.

Reusable materials

In the event that your structure ever has to come down, steel is a completely recyclable material that be used easily in another location.

Whatever model you choose to work with, all of our Arch Steel Building kits are of the highest quality; making sure all your structures are successful projects.